Heads are turning in Evangeline Parish after this interesting "creature" or figure showed up on the side of a busy roadway.

Mindy McWhirter posted a few photos of this figure from Lake Cove Road and according to the comments on her social media post, others have seen it too.

We don't know why the figure has been set up alongside the roadway, but it has certainly caught the attention of many in the area. And yes, it even seems to be posing for those taking a look at it.


So, if you see it, no it is not Bigfoot in upper Evangeline Parish, but it is quite interesting and entertaining. Disclaimer, if you do want to snap a photo of this very interesting figure on the side of the road, please do so safely and while not driving.

Now I am intrigued and feel like I need to head that way to catch a glimpse of this prop or creature.


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