Louisiana has some very long roadways and/or highways, that go through many small towns or villages.

If you've traveled the state, you know that some of the most boring roadways can go for many miles, and at times you may not see very much alongside the road or highway.

When you think of very long roadways in the State of Louisiana you probably think the longest is I-10 or I-49, and those are some great guesses.

I-10 through Louisiana is 274.4 miles and I-49 in our state goes for 528 miles.

However, both of those are not highways, thus that doesn't make them the longest "highway" in Louisiana.

It turns out that Highway 1 is the longest-numbered highway in the State of Louisiana.


According to Wikipedia, "Louisiana Highway 1 runs diagonally across the state, connecting the oil and gas fields near the island of Grand Isle with the northwest corner of the state, north of Shreveport."

As for how long the highway is, well it stretches across much of Louisiana for 431.8 miles, and for much of that drive, there isn't much to see.

If you're curious as to what is the longest road in the United States, well that is Route 20 and it stretches across 12 states at 3,365 miles.

So, if you want to plan a weekend getaway and want to cross much of the state, Louisiana Highway 1 may be a good option, but be sure to obey the speed limits posted in many of the small towns. You know who's waiting.

Take a quick look at Highway 1 in Louisiana and see if you recognize any of these places.


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