A frustrated teen on Reddit says her mom ruined her 18th birthday party by inviting the mom's friends and their kids.

"At first, I was just going to have lunch with my friends at a restaurant, but my parents insisted on joining us and celebrating it together with us (even though we were going to celebrate at home as a family anyway). I didn't mind and told them I'd be happy to have everyone together at the party," she began.

The teen continued, "It was all going well until my mom told me she also invited her friends to my birthday party. I didn't want them there because I didn't know them well enough and it was just supposed to be people close to me. But she was stubborn about inviting them so I suggested that we could have two timings: one for my mom's guests and the other for my friends," the girl continued.

The teen's mom agreed to space the arrival times apart, but on the day of the party, none of the mom's friends showed up on time, and only began arriving when the girl's friends got there.

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"I was a bit annoyed but didn't say anything. One of the guests' daughters (around 6 years old) wouldn't leave me alone. She clung to me the entire time," she shared, adding the little girl's parents even insisted the child cut the birthday cake.

"But then, she started smashing the cake with her bare hands, wiping her snot on the new dress I was wearing (which was my birthday gift) and even spat on the food. And her parents, instead of disciplining their kid, stopped the music that my friends and I were playing, and played kids' music so that their daughter could 'show us her dance,'" the teen recalled.

Although she didn't get to "spend a single second" with her own friends, she kept her cool in the moment.

"Once everyone left, I started crying and I told my mom how her guests ruined my birthday and that I hoped I never have to see them again. She took it as me blaming her for everything so she started telling me how ungrateful of a child I am and that I didn't even deserve to have a birthday party," the frustrated birthday girl concluded.

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Reddit users slammed the girl's mom in the comments.

"Your mom's friend's kid (who should never have been at your party in the first place) was a little monster, and it's completely inappropriate for her to try and seize control of your birthday party," one person wrote.

"Even though the kid was really misbehaved it seems to be very clear that this was the way her parents raised her. And they didn't do anything to stop her while she was behaving badly at your event. I'm sorry that you had your party hijacked," another commented.

"Your mom sounds like a bit of a nightmare and extremely intrusive in your life. If that's true, then start thinking about how you eventually get to live your own life apart from her. Might be a multi-year project but it's good to have a goal in mind. And don't share that goal with her! Just quietly work towards it," someone else advised.

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