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With Mother's Day right around the corner, we decided to look at how Louisiana ranks concerning working moms. We don't think you'll be surprised by the results...

If you stay up to date with women's issues in Louisiana, then you already know that we have it rough. According to a recent study, 'Louisiana is last in the U.S. for what women earn on average compared to men – 69 cents to the dollar.' That's a stunning statistic. Here's another stat that will drop your jaw... 'Louisiana ranks 2nd in the nation in women killed by men, with the rate increasing steadily for 6 consecutive years.'

Now that you've seen some things that working women and women in general deal with daily, the following report probably won't surprise you.

How does Louisiana rank in the report of 2024's Best and Worst States for Working Moms?

Louisiana ranks 50th in the country when it comes to working moms. The only state ranked behind us is Alabama in 51st place and that's saying something. How did come up with these rankings? They looked at different metrics including access to healthcare, childcare, gender pay gap, and more. How did Louisiana do in these areas? Not well...

Louisiana's Rank for 2024's Best & Worst States for Working Moms:

  • Child Care - 50th
  • Professional Opportunities - 51st
  • Work-Life Balance - 38th
  • Daycare Systems - 48th
  • Gender Pay Gap - 48th

Ouch! Let's look at the big picture and see if things get any better...

Source: WalletHub

Come on, Louisiana! We can do better, dang it!

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