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Are you new to Louisiana or just want to cook like you're from here? Whatever you do, don't grab the can of Campbell's Chicken Gumbo at the grocery store... and don't put tomatoes in your gumbo!

Want to learn how to cook like a Louisiana native?

Of course, you do! We have the best food in the world! Not everyone was blessed with someone to teach them their family's secret recipe for gumbo though. For those of us who know gumbo from a can is wrong, but don't have our own family recipe, Michelle is here to help! via Experience Host Michelle via Experience Host Michelle

How do I learn to cook authentic Cajun Chicken and Sausage Gumbo?

Step right into Michelle's kitchen. Michelle is an Airbnb Experiences host in Lafayette, LA. For $35 per person, Michelle will teach you how to make an authentic Cajun gumbo. While your gumbo is simmering, you'll get a unique taste of Cajun culture, like playing Bourre, and more. Lessons are available in both English and French and Michelle is able to accommodate dietary restrictions.

What do previous guests have to say about Michelle's Airbnb Experience?

Michelle, not our Michelle, reviewed the experience in 2021 saying, 'A perfect magical evening! (Hard to come by with 3 moody 15 yo girls!) We stopped by on our way to OKC from Florida. The host was extremely gracious with us arriving 30 mins late (interstate construction traffic!). My 3 teen girls, laughed & danced while learning French and cooking a new recipe. They want to return, and love how "making dinner with a stranger" turned into dinner with a new friend! We will be back on our next trip that way!'

Bruce also raved about his experience saying, 'If you are interested in Cajun culture, great food, and amazing people, this is the perfect experience. I could not have asked for more and this experience exceeded expectations.' via Experience Host Michelle via Experience Host Michelle

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