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Louisiana loves to drink no matter the occasion, so how much eggnog do we drink over the Christmas holidays?

How much eggnog do we drink in Louisiana over the Christmas holiday?

Eggnog... you either love it or hate it, but here in Louisiana, if it's spiked, we'll give it a try. Personally, I love it. It's like Christmas in a cup. According to, Americans will consume 1.2 billion eggnogs over the holidays. That's a lot of eggnog! And when it comes to folks in Louisiana, we each average about 6 eggnogs per season. If you do the math, that comes out to 17,187,583 glasses of eggnog in Louisiana alone this year!

Are we really that predictable here in Louisiana when it comes to drinking? Yes, according to a 2020 survey by The only people who start drinking earlier than we do on Christmas live in Alaska, who start drinking at 11 am on Christmas Day. Here in Louisiana, at least we wait until noon. It's more respectable!

Believe it or not, directly to our north in Arkansas, they wait the latest to start drinking out of all the states, abstaining until 6 pm. Texans like to split the difference and pop their first top at 2:40 pm.

Granted, with as stressful as this year has been, we can't blame anyone who wants to raise a glass a little earlier than usual. Turns out we aren't the only ones thinking that way because one in five people in the survey who say they don't drink normally make an exception on Christmas. 17% say they've gotten a little tipsy before sitting down to Christmas dinner and another 6% say they've gotten blackout drunk on Christmas before... That may be why 21% of those surveyed said they even allowed their teens to partake. Heck, the folks at found that the Americans say 2:42 pm is an acceptable time to 'pop a top' during the holidays.

What are your plans for this Christmas? Will you pop the top on a few beers? Are you ready to enjoy some bubbly with your loved ones? I'm ready to go pick up my annual gallon of chocolate eggnog daiquiris at Tony's on Line Avenue in Shreveport. Let us know what you'll be sipping this Christmas, you may give us a good idea ;)


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