From state to state, the laws are different. Most people know that. But how well do you know the laws in your state? Louisiana has some pretty crazy laws on the books. For example, it's illegal to skate on the sidewalk in the City of Abbeville.

Yup! Who came up with this piece of legislation, and why is anyone's guess? The point is...that is an actual law in Louisiana, and I'd bet a dollar no one in the Bayou State knew that.


Here's another law Louisianians may or may not have known was illegal. Have you ever flashed your headlights trying to warn oncoming traffic there's a speed trap ahead? I know I have flashed my lights to alert another motorist that their headlights were off. I've also flashed my headlights to ask an oncoming vehicle to turn its high beams off. It worked each time.

Most vehicle manuals suggest that flashing headlights is a way to communicate to other drivers something is wrong or that you are having an emergency. However, if you flash your headlights to oncoming traffic near a speed trap, it can get you in trouble. That's because flashing your headlights to warn drivers that a Louisiana State Trooper is using radar ahead is illegal. Well, sort of. According to Louisiana statute 32.327c :

C. Flashing lights are prohibited except on authorized emergency vehicles, school buses, or any vehicle to indicate a right or left turn or the presence of a vehicular traffic hazard requiring unusual care in approaching, overtaking, or passing.

That's not exactly cut and dry, now is it? Be that as it may, flashing your headlights is illegal, says Senior Trooper Brett Davis with the Louisiana State Police Troop G. Trooper Davis told KTBS 3 News, "The motorist that do that need to be prepared for the consequences that come with that." Here's another Louisiana law ( RS 32:320.1) on flashing lights. If you're driving in wet weather, putting your flashing hazard lights on is also illegal!

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