It was just earlier this year that Texas dealt with the largest wildfire in its history, the Smokehouse Creek fire burned more than 1 million acres in the Texas Panhandle. It was a brutal fire that caused two deaths but has since been contained. This wildfire cost approximately $4.6 million dollars in damage in 20 days.  But you need to be very careful because there are things that you could do that could easily spark a wildfire in Texas. 

Texas Wildfires

The last thing anyone wants to do is start a wildfire, it would be putting people in danger, and you could be held responsible if you are the reason a wildfire gets started. Yes, that means if you (even unintentionally) start a wildfire you could be forced to pay millions of dollars in restitution.  

Tips to Avoid Starting a Wildfire in Texas 

In the summertime we all know that the state of Texas gets extremely hot and dry which is the perfect combination to start a wildfire. Which is why it’s more important than ever to know about potential hazards and what could start a wildfire. Firefighters risk their life every day and that includes working on things that begin as an accident. Let’s make sure you don’t cause a wildfire on accident. 

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Items That Could Start a Texas Wildfire 

Be extra careful around these specific items as they could easily start a wildfire here in Texas. It’s important that all of us do our part to make sure we don’t cause any wildfires.

7 Unsuspecting Items That May Spark Texas Wildfires

With extremely dry conditions across the state, the following everyday items that may accidentally spark a fire.

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