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While the headline might be a little misleading, there are indeed several animals that can live long after what most would conceive as a sure death.

However, death is death, and once declared "dead", nothing, other than Lazarus and a few other selected Biblical characters, can return from death.

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Oxford Languages declares the definition of death to be, "the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism." That's the permanency of death. It's over. But is it?

In an article on, we learn there are actually several animals or organisms that even when deemed by standards most of us would call "death", can continue on, even if in zombie-like fashion.

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I'm almost sure that I have met a couple of mindless people in my life that prove this theory, but that's another story.

Just look at these 5 Real Life Zombies; Animals That Live After Death and see if you agree!

5 Real Life Zombies; Animals That Live After Death

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