Believe it or not, Louisiana is at the top of yet another list, but this time, it's not one of those "bad" lists, it's actually something very desirable.

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Rainbow Restoration embarked on a mission to determine which states were the best prepared for emergency situations and Louisiana was the clear frontrunner.

Shreveport Firefighters

How Did They Arrive At These Figures?

Using data they collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, researchers sought the number of police officers, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics employed in every state and then divided that by the state's working-age population.

When all the dust from their collective calculators had settled, Louisiana emerged as the most prepared state for emergencies in the entire country.


Some of the research piece's key findings included:

  • Louisiana has the most first responders per 10k in the country with 66.7
  • Louisiana has the most police officers per 10k with 37.04

What Does This Mean About Louisiana's Emergency Preparedness?

Of those findings, Rainbow Restoration had an interesting take:

Considering that Louisianans have experienced the second-most property damage from severe weather events since 2000, this elevated density demonstrates the state’s ample supply of emergency services.

Conversely, Oregon is the state with the least first responders per 10k with only 30.6


In regards to the number of police officers serving Louisiana, at 37.04 per 10k, the research pointed out that, "this figure well surpasses the national average of 24, highlighting the state's supply of law enforcement, attempting to ensure public safety."

What Does This Info Tell Us About The Emergency Preparedness Of Louisiana?

When emergencies take place, and they will, having an ample number of trained professionals in the police, fire and medical fields like we have in Louisiana, demonstrate our unique ability to tackle these occurrences better than any other state, and we should all take some relief in that confidence.

To see the full research from Rainbow Restoration, just go HERE.

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