In Louisiana, when we are driving we really don't need a whole lot of encouragement for us to rapidly approach that "road rage" stage.

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With the terrible roads we have here in the Bayou State, we are already pretty ticked off to be behind the wheel.

We don't need you and your lack of manners or driving skills to add to the matter.


There are very few rules we ask other drivers to adhere to, but on these few rules we are unbending and expect you to strictly follow.

Keeping that in mind, we asked Louisiana drivers for those things they consider to be their biggest pet peeves when it comes to driving and several of the same answers kept popping up, so we decided to list them for you.

Bad Driving Behavior: Cities with the Rudest Drivers

It's basically a hand-out, if you will, to keep you in our good graces. Adhere to these and we'll get along fine. Break these rules and we've got problems.

Take a look at the Things Louisiana Drivers Hate Most About Other Drivers and see if your biggest pet peeve(s) made the list.

Things Louisiana Drivers Hate Most About Other Drivers

In Louisiana the roads are already bad enough. We don't need other drivers adding to our "road rage" potential. Just don't do these things and you'll stay off our "list". It's the biggest pet peeves of drivers in the whole state.

Gallery Credit: Gary McCoy

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