Opening the door of nearly every refrigerator in Louisiana will expose a high number of common items.

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Obviously, there's the milk and eggs, the five gallon jug of Ranch dressing, lunch meat, and those slightly browned vegetables you've been meaning to eat for the past two weeks.

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However, a kitchen hack from suggests we should also keep a roll of paper towels in there.

Why In The World Would Anyone Want To Keep Paper Towels In The Fridge?

Paper towels have a plethora of incredible uses; from wiping up all the folding tables at the crawfish boil to soaking up the grease at the bottom of the pan when frying fish, to what most deem "Redneck Napkins", those paper towels are as important to kitchen operations in Louisiana as Tony's.


During the pandemic we even saw a time when paper towels had a huge role in the bathroom when we ran out of toilet paper, however, until reading this insightful piece, who would have ever thought to keep a roll of Bounty in the fridge?

Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Refrigerating Your Paper Towels Has A Number Of Benefits says that placing a full roll of paper towels might sound a little nutty, but just look at all the ways they can be used:

  • A chilled paper towel placed on your forehead or neck can provide instant relief from a hot Louisiana summer day
  • Got a sunburn? A chilled paper towel can immediately soothe those areas
  • Chilled paper towels can reduce puffiness to your eyes
  • A roll of paper towels in the fridge can help remove moisture from inside the fridge and keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer
  • That roll of paper towels can work with your baking soda to help eliminate odors in the fridge
  • Helps quickly cool any beverages. Just wrap those Cokes or beer in a paper towel while they're in the fridge to chill them even faster

Might be a good idea to start implementing this at your house, but until it catches on with everyone, you're gonna have fun explaining to guests why they're in your fridge.

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