Legendary baseball executive Branch Rickey once said, "Change is inevitable. Change is good." Well, if there's one thing we in Louisiana - and all over the USA - have been subjected to over the past 24 months is change. And plenty of it.

But, is it all good?

Things May Be Changing, But They're Not Getting Cleaner

Maybe the area that's seen the biggest shift from pre-pandemic times is where Americans work. More and more employees, especially younger ones, have embraced the idea of working from home. But is this major change for the better? According to a survey by home services website, CraftJack, while the number of Louisianans working from home is going up, their level of hygiene is going down...and pretty fast. Here's what they say about their study of at-home workers:

"What’s the point of hiring contractors to make your home look nice if you’re going to sit around in your sweatpants watching your toenails grow and respond to most of your emails from the toilet?"

Here are the Stats. Are You Sitting Down?

Yep. You read that right. And that's not where it ends. Not only do 73% of folks working from home admit to working from the toilet, but 60% admit to doing it once a week and another 25% 'fess up to doing it every day!

You Know Those Split-Screen Zoom Meetings? Well One of Those Four People...

But wait. We're not even close to rock bottom. When asked what kind of work they've done from the throne, more than 9 out of ten cop to answering emails, 8 of 10 text or message and (no doubt, here's the worst of all) 24%, yep, almost one in four, admit that they've taken virtual meetings from the can.

Admitting to Looking Homeless...While Working at Home

It ain't pretty, but the one thing that jumps out from the CraftJack survey is that, as more and more folks work from home, our collective hygiene - from bathing to housekeeping -  is falling fast. To see the complete CraftJack study on remote workers deteriorating hygiene habits, JUST CLICK HERE!

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