Lawmakers in New Jersey have passed a bill allowing (as Rush likes to call them) "undocumented Democrats" to receive tuition breaks for school. Basically, this would allow illegal immigrants to see lower costs for attending state colleges and universities.

". . .What's happening here is that the state of New Jersey's gonna start using taxpayer dollars to subsidize college tuition for students who are in the country ill-alienly. Yes, 'ill-alienly,'" says Rush.

This is not going over without a hitch though. A judge deemed this unconstitutional, but says they can go through with it as long as the tuition cuts do not go towards religious schools.

This decision brought Limbaugh to the following question: "Isn't that discrimination based on religion? Besides, we're still supposed to believe a judge won't be found to give these newly legalized 'ill-aliens' government benefits and such other perks."

Keep on working and paying your taxes, citizens of NJ; someone has to provide education for the "ill-aliens."

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