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It's sad really, but you could be signaling criminals that you might be a potential victim without even knowing it.  If you work in a corporate situation, chances are you've had to go through specific training teaching you how to spot phishing emails.  Huge companies are getting hacked because one employee opened an email that unleashed a harmful virus that quickly spread throughout the entire company.

You might have gotten a call from someone claiming to be from the police department or sheriff's department and they need you to clarify personal or financial information.  Police will be the first to tell you, do not give out any personal information to anyone over the phone ever, unless you initiated the phone call, and are certain of to whom you are speaking.


But something as inocuous seeming as a bumper sticker could be signaling criminals to target you as their next victim. How many times since the 80's have we seen the yellow warning sign "Baby on Board" hanging on someone's back window? That could signal a thug that you could be easily distracted and could be a potential target.

What about those "family" stickers on the back window?  You know, the ones with the stick figures of the dad, mom, and children?  You might be telling a criminal how many people are in your family.

Or if you display one of the stickers that say "My Child is an Honor Student at ___ School,"  you are now telling a possible pedophile where they can find your child.  It may sound far-fetched I know, but unfortunately, that is the reality of the world in which we live today.

Officials warn to be careful about the personal information you are giving out without even being aware of the fact that you are doing it.

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