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Now that spring has officially arrived in Louisiana, we are spending more time outdoors.  Getting the grill cleaned up, the mower serviced and ready for another season, and doing some spring cleaning in the house.

But the warmer weather also means unwelcome guests in your yard, and in your home.  For those of us that are lucky enough to have natural gas in our homes, you know that distinctive odor you smell if there's a gas leak in your home. (The gas company adds that smell just for that very reason.)

What if You Smell Cucumbers?

But what if you smell something that smells a lot like cucumbers in your home?  That could possibly be a sign of a very dangerous intruder.  Louisiana is home to some very dangerous snakes, including the water moccasin, coral snake, several varieties of rattlesnakes, and the copperhead.

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Copperheads, one of the most dangerous snakes in Louisiana, has a very distinctive, cucumber musk scent that the snake emits when it feels threatened.  We used to have a dog that could smell a snake a mile away.  She had a very distinctive 'snake bark' and we knew when she had found one.


You might have run across copperheads while working in the yard.  Or, you might have been working in the yard and not even known one was very nearby.  An even scarier thought.

But if you are in your home and happen to notice a heavy aroma of cucumbers, or rotten cucumbers, you should contact your local pest control company immediately.  You could very well have a very unwelcome, and very dangerous guest in your house.

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