A new survey says that 70% of adult children don’t want their parents moving in with them. But if they had to choose between Mom or Dad moving in, 67% (2 out of 3) would overwhelmingly choose to move in their mom over their dad.

Why choose Mom over Dad?

Most say Mom would:

  •  Help more than Dad with cooking and cleaning (86%)
  • Help more than Dad with the kids (79%)
  • Be neater (73%)
  • Be a better listener (64%)

Why not Dad:

  •  Has worse hygiene than Mom (75%)
  • Is more likely than Mom to say inappropriate things (75%)
  • Is sloppier than Mom (70%)
  • Is lazier than Mom (68%)
  • Would want to control the TV more than Mom (69%)

If you had to choose between mom or dad, who would you would rather have move in with you?


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