And the search is over!

What to get Mom for Mother's Day this Sunday can cause a lot of anxiety for those truly wanting to show Mom just how much she is loved and apparently, it's a lot easier to get her the perfect gift than most would have ever dreamed.

In Louisiana, if the research is correct, what Mom really wants for her big day is simply a nap.

Yep! It requires absolutely no shopping! It's absolutely free and one size fits all!

Momma Just Wants A Nap just referenced a survey conducted by, that shined the light on the age old question of what to give Mom.

According to their research, Moms all across America were asked what they would most like for Mother's Day and here in Louisiana and in seventeen other states, it was discovered that Mom just wants to be left alone so that she can get a little shut eye.  She just wants a nap!

Graphic courtesy of
Graphic courtesy of

Naps Were Number One But What Are Some Of The Other Biggies?

Evidently Mom is just tired and needs a nap.  That's was the the number one response across the country!  But there were some other common responses as well.

According to Time2Play's poll, these were the top finishers.

  • Moms in 13 states want a meal they don’t have to cook
  • Moms in 10 states want help with the household chores
  • Moms in 5 states want a day at the spa
  • Moms in 4 states want flowers

For the overachievers who really want to show Mom how much she's loved, it would appear that cooking Mom a meal and then allowing her to take a nap after a day at the spa where you sent her flowers, while you cleaned her house, would cover all the bases!

Or you could just do like last year and get her a gift certificate to Ulta and call it a day. It's all up to you. She only spent 15 hours in labor giving birth to you.

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