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Do you want to know the secret for scoring on Mother's Day? That's easy! It's TIME.

You thought I was going to give you a laundry list of items to buy, didn't you? Sure, gifts and going out to eat are great options for Mother's Day, but moms really want your time. I don't need a study to prove that to you. Just ask your mom, she'll tell you!

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However, I will tell you, not all 'time' is the same. When I say time, I mean time with her where you're actually focused on her and not on the game on your phone or whatever is on TV. I'm talking about real, dedicated, quality time for mom. Let her choose how you spend it together. She may just want to share a cup of coffee with you, or maybe even break bread, but chances are, she just wants to know how you are and what's going on in your life. Of course, my mom has a list of chores for me to do after our visits, but that doesn't bother me. She only asks me to do the things she can't.

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So, yes, get the card, get the flowers, and get the gift, but also give her your time freely. Yes, that means you have to act like you really want to be with her, not like you'd rather be anywhere else. And if you go the gift route, make sure to give her something that shows that you thought about her wants and needs, not just your convenience!

Happy Mother's Day!

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