So, if you've noticed that haze over Shreveport and Bossier for the last couple of days, you were probably shocked to find out that it's actually dust from the Sahara Desert that blew all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and settled into our area.

In fact, this dust is thick enough that warnings have been issued to people with respiratory problems to avoid lengthy exposure to it because that could cause additional complications to their breathing.

It makes you wonder exactly what's in that dust?  Mummies?  Crumbled pyramids?  Camel hockey?  Gotta be some bad stuff to travel that far and still be thick enough to cause us problems this far away?  And someone, somewhere, is busy right now trying to figure a way to blame Donald Trump for it.

So what if we returned the favor?  What if Louisiana dust traveled from here to the Sahara?  What would be in our dust?  Crushed up crawfish shells?  Losing Powerball tickets?  Portions of that Mardi Gras sludge from Bourbon Street made of vomit, pee and beer?

There would have to be leftovers of an unemployment check, some worn out fire retardant boots and fire ant killer.

Just what else would be in "Louisiana Dust?"  Course, whatever else would be included, there would have to be some Tony's on top!

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