The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana was tipped off to a hoarder/breeder situation and took action. The house was in total disarray as seen in the photos. The hoarder/breeder had several small dogs living in the house and in small crates in the garage.
Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana
Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana
HSNWLA along with other agencies were able to remove 10 dogs and bring back 6 to the HSNWLA. The poor animals were covered in feces and urine, loads of fleas, had untreated mammary tumors, rotten teeth, and were all around in poor health.
Thankfully the amazing folks with the humane society put their own health at risk to save these poor dogs from a sad situation. Once they were treated for fleas, and had their over-grown nails trimmed, the pups were treated to a big dinner and given new, clean, and comfortable beds to sleep in.
The dogs will be treated by a vet as soon as they can get them in. If you wish to help out the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana with vet bills and other expenses, there are several avenues to do so below.
PayPal email is
Mailing Address is 2544 Linwood Avenue Shreveport La 71103
Straight to vet 318 746 6465

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