Warm, dark, damp and humid. That's the perfect climate for mosquitoes. And with all the rain and heat we've experienced lately, we have the perfect breeding ground for the annoying insects right here in Shreveport-Bossier.

Caddo Parish Mosquito Control Manager Brian Glasscock says there are several things you can do to prevent mosquito bites.

"Wear repellant, especially if you're going outside early in the morning and if you're going outside in the evenings, like right at sunset. Wear clothes that will cover your extremities," Glasscock said. "And if you're going out in the wooded areas, make sure you definitely wear repellant."

That repellant shouldn't contain more than 30% DEET if you're spraying it on children. Insect repellants aren't recommended for kids younger than two months.

Now that the rain is over for now, check around your yard and dump out standing water that has collected in any kind of container -- whether that's an old tire, bucket, old kid toy or flower pot -- so mosquitoes can't breed in them.

You can keep mosquitoes out of your home by repairing holes in screens and making sure those fit tightly to doors and windows.

Glasscock said there isn't any West Nile activity in our area so far, but it may pick up as the hotter months arrive -- late June to early July.

"Last year, we had numerous cases of West Nile. It's been very hit and miss. You know, one year we'll have a lot, then the next year we won't," Glasscock said. "But like last year, I want to say we had upwards of 34 cases. And they didn't really start until July."

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