According to personal finance website WalletHub, drunk driving results in more than 1-million arrests, nearly 10,000 deaths and over $40-billion in economic damage each year.

That's the basis behind the site's in-depth report on 2016's Strictest & Most Lenient States on DUI.

WalletHub analyzed the enforcement rules in each of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia on 15 key metrics, ranging from fines and minimum jail sentences, to iginition interlock device requirements that drastically reduce repeat arrests of previously-convicted drunk drivers.

At the top of the list was Arizona and at the bottom, South Dakota. So where does Louisiana rank? We're closer to the "strictest" end of the spectrum, at number 13. Texas is #10 on the list and Arkansas is 22nd.

Here are some of the key findings:

The average fine for a first DUI ($347) is higher than the Uber fare from Washington, DC to New York, and you could get all the way to Ontario with the second-DUI average ($757).

Repeat offenders spend an average of nearly three weeks longer in jail than first-time offenders.

All but seven states can automatically suspend the license of someone arrested for DUI, before any court involvement.

92% of states require offenders to equip their vehicles with Ignition Interlock devices after a DUI.

According to the website, the penalties for a first-offense DUI/DWI is a $1,000 fine and two days to six months in jail, plus license suspension for 90 days. A second offense is a $1,000 fine, 30 days to six months in jail, and one year license suspension. For a third offense, it's a $2,000 fine, 45 days to five years in jail and two-year license suspension. You're also required to have an ignition interlock device on your car.

The allowable blood alcohol content changes based on your age. For those under 21, it's .02%, and for those over 21, it's .08%. Commercial drivers are only allowed to have a .04% BAC.

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Source: WalletHub