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As sure as the state is starting to open up again and people are able to go to the bar, the roads are going to be a dangerous place.  Drinking and driving is an epidemic that threatens everyone on the road.  The latest statistics from the CDC show that 1 in 3 automobile accidents across the country, a drunk driver is involved (and most likely the cause).

To combat this terror, the Shreveport Police Department is launching an initiative to nab as many inebriated motorists as possible this weekend.  The checkpoint will run from 10 p.m. on Friday and run until 3 a.m.  The location has not yet been revealed.

The stop (or stops for as much as we know) will be handled with the cooperation of the Louisiana State Police, and make no mistake - you can't act "cool" enough to talk your way out of it!  They're not just looking for drunk drivers, by the way.  According to the ArkLaTex Hompage, they'll also be trying to spot motorists and passengers who aren't wearing seatbelts and lots of other minor infractions during these stops - so be on your best behavior.

Obviously drinking and driving isn't the way to get home after a night of partying - getting an UBER or calling a cab is a lot cheaper than jail and way safer than driving yourself.  Be safe!

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