I LOVE Geek'd Con! 2019 was especially amazing. But, even with all the wild costumes, delightfully weird vendors, and famous celebrities I still kept finding myself being distracted by unreal amount of nachos people were eating!

The nachos sold at Geek'd are pretty standard concession stand nachos. Round corn tortilla chips, warm "Liquid Gold" nacho cheese, and the optional jalapenos or chili. It seemed every corner I turned in the Geek'd labyrinth there was yet another person chowing down on the popular treat... That's when I decided I was going to find out how many gallons of the nacho cheese is used at Geek'd Con.

I seized my opportunity to talk with one of the people working at the concession on Saturday when my wife went to grab a soft pretzel (VERY popular this year due to the presence of Leslie D. Baker. "Stanley" from The Office series). After she asked for a small serving of nacho cheese to go with her pretzel, I asked the person running the register how much they usually go through. His response was TEN 4-gallon bags of the yellow goo! That's FORTY gallons on Saturday alone!

So, I returned the next day ready to stay until they closed to ask how much was used on Sunday. Thankfully the same employee was there when I went to inquire. Before I could get a word out, he waved his arms and said "8 bags today!!"... SO, after a little math on my handy smart phone calculator I found to my amazement, that the geeks consumed around 72 GALLONS of nacho cheese this year!! That is enough to fill 14 Igloo water coolers to the brim and still have enough leftover to make a HUGE pile of nachos.

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