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I've got more than 1500 Facebook friends. I'm not just made me question just how many of them I actually talk to on a regular basis. Some of them are former school pals, some are close friends, some are local/regional/national musicians, some are people I work with, many are family, a handful are acquaintances. But how many of them would I actually call "friend"?

I get friend requests almost daily, and lately I find myself wondering..."Do I really know this person?" before actually hitting the "add" button.  I do some research, find out where they live, what they do for a living, look at their pictures...just to see if it sparks any recognition.

A lot of folks not only use social media for personal communication, but for their jobs -- businesses, radio and TV shows and stations, etc. How many different pages should one have? How many friends should a person "add" on Facebook? Is there a magic number? And what should the criteria be for adding someone to a personal page?

I want to know your thoughts. Feel free to "comment" and "share." I'd like as many different opinions as possible.

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