We're already hearing how the sequester is affecting Barksdale Air Force Base's annual air show, but what else is going to happen?  Baton Rouge Congressman Bill Cassidy says he knows what President Obama has done already. 

"The President just cancelled self-guided tours through the White House," Cassidy says.  "Now, how in the heck that's gonna balance the federal budget, I'm not quite sure.  Republicans point out he's still playing golf with a lot of Secret Service people required to guard him during that.  But his plan is apparently, just to make us feel the pain, is to cancel self-guided tours that American people can take through the White House...which, by the way, they pay for with their taxes.  But I can't speak for him.  That's just his plan."

But how bad will things get? Cassidy says obviously there will be people who will feel the pain of the sequester.  But there's some evidence that the President and the executive branch are going to TRY to make the people feel it. 

"My feeling is that for the last four years, the American people have been doing more with less, and they kind of expect the government to do it at times, as well," Cassidy says.  "And the government, frankly, does less with more."  He says there will be people affected, but if the bureaucracy wants to, it can make that effect less noticeable.

So, does he expect some type of agreement to be reached any time soon?  "No," he says.  "Not any time soon.  I'd like to think there will be one eventually, but the President has drawn a line in the sand saying he wants to raise taxes.  And if he can't raise taxes, he's not going to negotiate."

Cassidy also shared his thoughts with KEEL Morning News about Rand Paul's more-than-12-hour-long filibuster on the House floor. 


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