The Super Bowl may be over, but it's always wing season!  Americans love their chicken wings, and here's a break down of how every state loves to partake.

According to a recent study conducted by Cree Lighting:

  • When it comes to wings, Americans prefer to be hands-on: 63% of Americans prefer bone-in wings to their boneless counterparts.

  • Flats vs. Drums: In the age-old battle for the best part of the wing, 42% of Americans want drumsticks, 32% opt for flat wings (wingettes), and 26% have no preference at all.

  • The three most popular chicken wing sauces are Buffalo (29%), Honey BBQ (17%), and Garlic Parmesan (13%).

  • Of Americans that watched the Super Bowl, 75% were expected to be eating chicken wings while watching the big game.

According to Alexa from Amazon, Americans eat 28 billion chicken wings per year.  That's billion... with a B.  I know I'm doing my share.  And apparently, according to, 1.42 billion of those were eaten during the Super Bowl.

Food Supply Chain Issues Create Shortage And Higher Prices On Chicken Wings
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There's no right way or wrong way to enjoy your wings. Bone-in, bone-less, (although purists might argue that bone-less wings are nothing more than glorified chicken-nuggets), drumsticks, flats, lemon-pepper, buffalo, it's all wing-tastic.

And of course, there's the whole dipping sauce conundrum.  Ranch, blue-cheese, honey mustard... I actually like mine sans dipping sauce.  Why ruin a good "Louisiana Rub" with a ranch dip?

You can see how each state, including Louisiana, likes their wings in the graphic below.

Courtesy of Cree Lighting
Courtesy of Cree Lighting

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