A fire at an extended stay hotel in the 5000 block of Hollywood Avenue was quickly extinguished.

Shreveport Fire Department spokesman Fred Sanders tells KEEL News firefighters arrived at Studio 6 just after 10:50 this morning. A maintenance worker was attempting to extinguish a fire in the laundry room, which originated in one of the dryers.

Firefighters removed burnt clothing from the dryer and wet it down. They had the fire out in about two minutes. The hotel was briefly evacuated, but guests have since been allowed back in. There was some initial concern from nearby residents that something had happened at the airport, since the hotel is very close.

"It is near Shreveport Regional Airport, but we have a fire station that is just one block from this hotel," Sanders said. "Everyone is fine, no one hurt, none of the occupants were hurt, no firefighters were injured, the fire was brought under control quickly, and they should be back in service soon."