SHREVEPORT, LA - There is a fight going on in Shreveport about the proposed demolition of an historic mansion in the Fairfield District.

This building is on Kings Highway right next to Raisin Canes. Currently, it's the home of a law office. But the owners was to sell the property to be used for a drive-through coffee business. But that would only happen if the home is torn down.


The Historic Preservation Commission is fighting to prevent this mansion from being torn down. So far, the Metropolitan Planning Commission has turned down the proposal for demolition. But the owner can take the case to the Zoning Board of Appeals and eventually to the City Council, if desired.

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Local architect Chris Coe says

We are at a watershed moment in the city because a beautiful, intact and fully usable 100 year-old historic building at 1030 Kings Highway, within the federally-designated Fairfield Historic District, is being threaten with demolition.

Coe is urging all residents to get involved to oppose the demolition of this historic building.

He says our city does not need another drive-through fast-food restaurant on Kings Hwy in our historic core.

\This home is clearly within the boundaries of the Fairfield Historic District:

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KEEL Listeners Sound Off on This Plan:

"It is his property, he should be able to do what he wants with it, if y’all want a say in what happens to it then pony up the money and buy it from him, other wise everyone needs to mind their own business."

"If the demolition of this building is passed, then whoever builds in that spot should be boycotted out of business."

Why this Area Is Important?

Coe says this intersection of Kings Highway and Fairfield is the gateway to 2 important historic districts, the Fairfield Historic District and the Highland Historic District. He says there are 3 historic buildings at this intersection and we must protect each of them.

If the Zoning Board of Appeals upholds the denial of the plan to tear down the building, this case will likely wind up in court.

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