Every day, we're told, electric cars (EVs) and the places to charge them are increasing. The Biden administration, both legislatively and by executive dictum, is attempting to "social engineer" America into those vehicles, both by offering financial incentives to manufacturers and buyers and increasing the price of fossil fuels through costly regulations.

But what’s the reality of the situation? ? How realistic is the push towards increasing the use of electric vehicles?

EVs Across the USA

The US is a vast country, and each state (to a degree) still plays by its own rules. With EVs needing a network of charging stations to operate effectively, America has a long way to go before the country is really ready to handle a nation of electric vehicles. The drivers education website Zutobi has crunched the numbers and looked at how well various states are doing, both in terms of the number of electric vehicles, and the available infrastructure to operate them.

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And What About Louisiana?

And the conclusion they reach about Louisiana really depends on your political point of view. Either we in Louisiana are freedom loving, fossil fuel burning, big government resisting, climate change deniers. Or we suck at the President's beloved Green New Deal. Here's what Zutobi says about the number of EVs in the state and our ability to keep them running.

"A number of states are struggling to keep up with the rollout of EVs and charging points. Finding itself at bottom of the list, Louisiana residents may feel a little hard done by. While they’ve actually been fairly willing to buy EVs, the infrastructure just hasn’t kept up. There are just 325 charging points...and the state needs to do a lot before (gas powered) vehicle owners can consider changing to electric."

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Search for yourself. Right now, across the entire state, there are barely 100 charging stations open to the public offering 325 outlets. Here are Zutobi's bottom three (or top three if you think fossil fuels equals cheap energy equals personal freedom):

Bottom States with the Fewest Charging Points per Number of Electric Vehicles:

48) Alabama 1,450 EVs; 5.1 million total vehicles; 427 public charging outlets

49) Alaska 530 EV's; 800,000 total vehicles; 67 public charging outlets

50) Louisiana 1,110 EVs; 3.9 million total vehicles; 325 public charging outlets

For a closer look at the Zutobi study on EVs and our country's ability to keep them running, JUST CLICK HERE!

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