It's no secret that New Orleans Saints fans have issues with the NFL and their officiating. Not just from the worst call in NFL history know, the no-call the single handedly kept the Saints from the Super Bowl in last year's NFC Championship game. This is a franchise that also had to pay for their one Super Bowl win by having their Head Coach suspended for the entire 2012 season.

Along the way, the franchise has had other obstacles thrown their way from the league, and the officials put on the field. This year has been especially annoying for Saints fans, and it's only been two weeks.

Even though the Saints ended up winning their Week 1 game against the Houston Texans, they likely would have been a little more comfortable at the end if the officials wouldn't have blown a call at the end of the first half. Just like the NFC Championship game last season, the NFL came out and said they messed up.

Now in Week 2, on the road against the Los Angeles Rams (the same team from the no-call game in the NFC Championship game), the Saints were dealt another bad call that likely impacted the final outcome of the game. After a strip-sack Saints defensive lineman Cam Jordan scooped up the loose ball and ran it the length of the field for a touchdown, the officials decided it was an incomplete pass. The play was reviewed, and it was called a fumble (as it should have been in the first place) but because it was called an incomplete pass, the touchdown was kept off the scoreboard. It would have given the Saints a 10-3 lead in the second quarter.

So now Saints fans are once again looking at the NFL, and Commissioner Roger Goodell, for answers. The hard truth is, they won't get them.

For many NFL fan-bases, they think Saints fans are being "cry babies" or "whiners". But most fans can see there's clearly something wrong. It might have something to do with Saints fans suing the NFL, even though that lawsuit is now over. The fact fans went that far could be the reason that the NFL and their officials continue to target the Saints with horrible calls.

There are other fan-bases in the NFL who feel the Saints pain though. Especially fans of the New England Patriots, who feel like they have been unfairly targeted by the NFL for years too. So much so, that the sports website Barstool Sports went out of their way to create a Goodell Clown shirt. A shirt that's so good, Sean Payton even wore it after the no-call kept him from a Super Bowl.

You can also get your hands on one, and show your Sean Payton. Score one here:


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