As expected, Governor John Bel Edwards will bring legislators back to Baton Rouge for another Special Session.

Everyone knew this was likely, after the last special session fell apart in the final hour. The "Part of No" caucus took over the Louisiana House floor to intentionally stop the bi-partisan progress that had been made throughout the final day.

The new Special Session is set to start June 18th, and must at 6PM on June 27th. This is the third time this year the Governor has called a special session for legislators to pass tax bills to replace a portion of the over $1 billion in temporary sales taxes, that are set to expire June 30th.

The heart of the debate, for most State Legislators, has been the difference between 1/3 of a penny, and 1/2 of a penny in temporary sales tax. However in the final hours of the last Special Session, bi-partisan efforts had closed that gap, until a group of GOP members in the House forced an end to the discussion, as fellow GOP House members were attempting to call a final vote.

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