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True Crime stories are very popular in our society. From movies, to podcasts, to documentaries, True Crime stories are more popular now than ever before. But why are we interested? Turns out, biology and evolution.

Science Focus and the BBC teamed up to tackle the True Crime phenomenon. According to their piece, there's a biological reason that people, especially women, are attracted to True Crime. Here's what they published:

"A 2010 study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that women tend to be drawn towards true crime stories more than men, and that they are most interested in stories that give insight into the killer’s motives, that contain information about how victims escaped, and that feature female victims. So this fits with the evolutionary idea – that people are instinctively drawn towards stories where they can identify with the victim and read about tips and strategies for defeating the ‘baddies’."

In Louisiana, we're just like everyone else. True Crime is extremely popular in our state, but there is one story that rises above all. At least, according to research.

There are stories that might be more popular when it comes to word of mouth, but recently the EdwardsKirby law firm researched the True Crime genre, using a combination of podcast and documentary topics, and a year's worth of Google Trends to find the most-searched True Crime case in all 50 states. In Louisiana, they say the True Crime story that is on top is the Richardson Family Murders.

This bizarre and tragic True Crime story is from Alberta, Canada. Where a 12-year-old girl and her 23-year-old boyfriend murdered the girl's entire family. It's a story that involves werewolves, online chat rooms, and a triple homicide. You can read more about this tragic True Crime story here.

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