If you are looking for something a little offbeat to do this summer, we have put together a list of really strange events going on all around the country. I've been to the Fire Ant Festival in Marshall (March) and the Zwolle Tamale Festival (October)…..but those aren't in the summer so they didn't make our list.

1. Humungus Fungus Festival: August 5-7, Crystal Falls, Michigan

Humungus Fungus Festival


Fungus fanatics will be in their earthy element at this celebration of the world’s largest mushroom, which weighs 11 tons, covers 37 acres and lives just below the ground near this northernMichigantown.  They have a strong man contest, a keg toss, tire flop and a metal pole lift. Crystal Falls is "Home of the Humungous Fungus", perhaps the world's largest and oldest living organism.

2. National Hollerin’: September 13, 2014 at Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina

National Hollerin' Festival


This is one of those festivals where you can just go crazy.  Of course hollerin contests for all ages.  Sack races and the now famous watermelon rolls where contestants attempt to carry a watermelon a distance of 20-yards as a member of the local volunteer fire department tries to knock them off their feet with a high-pressure firehose.


3.  Cream Cheese Festival Saturday, September 20th in Lowville New York

Cream Cheese Festival


Travelers in search of some cheesy fun and tub-loads of excitement will be delighted by this event, which is now in its seventh year. Cream cheese connoisseurs can finger paint a mural with the yummy spread, fill a friend’s face in an all-you-can-eat contest, or have a taste of the world’s largest cheesecake, which measures 20 feet in diameter.  You can even test your pitching prowess in the “Flinging Cream Cheese Toss.”

4. Watermelon Thump: June 26-29,Luling,Texas (just south of Austin)

Watermelon Thump Festival


Now in its 60th year, this juicy four-day celebration is ripe with fun and anything but melon-choly! You will be able to try to break the Guinness World record of nearly 69-feet in a seed spitting contest, while watermelon-lovers can even participate in a melon eating match to see who can demolish a slice the fastest. A variety of tasty summer treats can also be enjoyed at the festival, along with live music and a car show.

5.Hope Watermelon Festival August 7-9th in Hope, Arkansas

Hope Watermelon Festival


Festival celebrating Hope's giant watermelons -- three of which have been world's records over the past 35 years. Festival features arts & crafts, music, a major country music concert, watermelon eating, seed spitting, and ice-cold Hope watermelon by the slice.

6.Gilroy Garlic Festival: July 25-27 Gilroy, California

Gilroy Garlic Festival


Celebrating its 36th year, this fragrant festival is a garlic lovers’ dream – and a vampire’s worst nightmare! Tantalizing delights from more than 65 food vendors include garlic chocolate, garlic-flavored ice cream cones and garlic watermelon, to name a few. On the final day of the festival, travelers can attend the “Great Garlic Showdown,” hosted by renowned chef Angelo Sosa, as four bay area chefs participate in an “Iron Chef” competition for a grand prize of $5,000.

7. Barnesville Potato Days: August 22 & 23rd Barnesville, Minnestoa.

Barnesville Potato Days


Over 17,000 spud-lovers gather annually at this two-day event to participate in some groundbreaking entertainment. Travelers can immerse themselves in a round of mashed potato wrestling, or stuff their faces with the savory starch in the “French Fry Feed.” Those with an artistic eye can design a sculpture using mashed potatoes, and fashionistas can even design some one-of-a-kind clothing from a potato sack. General admission is free of charge.

8. Cow Chip Throw: August 29 & 30th Prairiedu Sac, Wisconsin

Cow Chip Festival


Once used by early settlers as fuel for cooking and heating the home, cow chips serve a loftier purpose in this two-day event, which attracts over 40,000 people annually. Travelers can try their hand at breaking the 248-foot long record in the legendary adult chip throw, while youngsters can also have a shot in the “Children’s Chip Chuckin’ Competition.” Those who wish to keep their hands clean can compete in a five or ten kilometer road race, or boogie down Wisconsin-style with some live music. General admission is free of charge, with a $3 fee to enter the Cow Chip Throw ($1 for children).

9. Baby Food Festival: July 16-19 Fremont, Michigan

Baby Food Festival


Home to one of the largest baby food factories in the U.S., this city’s annual celebration is crawling with fun for all ages. Adults who are young at heart can turn back the clock in a baby food eating contest, while those that prefer solid foods can test their skills with a bubble gum blowing contest, a pop ring toss, or fill their faces in a pie eating challenge. General admission is free of charge, yet various individual events do have fees.

10. Heritage Duct Tape Festival: June 13-15, Avon, Ohio

Heritage Duct Tape Festival


This sticky celebration, now in its tenth year, takes places in the “Duct Tape Capital of the World.” Duct tape enthusiasts will see dozens of displays made from this household staple, including fashion-forward clothing and sports memorabilia. They even host a parade and at least one of the floats is made entirely out of duct tape. General admission is free of charge.

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