A recent national poll showed that 93% of Americans think the country, under Joe Biden's leadership, is headed in the wrong direction. Well, as one pundit recently opined, "Who the hell are those other 7%?"

So, if you ask the folks in Louisiana the same question about their state and their nation, what do they think?

In a just completed LSU Public Policy Research Lab poll, 66% of the adults who responded say the state is heading in the wrong direction and LSU Manship School associate professor Doctor Michael Henderson adds that only 26% say the state and the nation are on the right track.

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And what tops Louisianan's list of worries? Henderson says the poll shows concern about crime has more than doubled from 10% last year to 24% this year. He goes on to say that confidence in government to solve major problems has now dropped to a mere 25%, the lowest in nearly twenty years.

The LSU poll involved just over 600 adults participating in an online survey. Henderson says in addition to crime, the economy, education, and infrastructure garner the most concern, with complaints about highways being the most frequently mentioned.

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“(These are) some of the most pessimistic results we’ve seen on this survey since we started in 2004,” Henderson adds, "“We’ve seen a pretty steady erosion of confidence in state government to solve important problems since about 2010."

Which brings us back to the original question. If 66% of Louisianans think the state and the country are headed in the wrong direction, who the hell are those other 34%?

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