If you spent any time outside this weekend, you know it was hot. It was really hot. Temps climbed to the upper 90's but the heat index topped triple digits.

We can expect more of that today. A heat advisory is in effect for Shreveport Bossier all day today.

Hot hot was it this weekend. On Sunday, our  high temp climbed to 98 degrees. The record for June 13th is 101 which we set in 2011. Our average temperature for June 13 is 85 degrees.

The record high for June 14 is 102. We set that record in 1998. We are expected to climb to about 96 today. But our heat index will likely be close to 110 degrees today. It is very hot and very humid.

If you do have to work outdoors, experts urge you to hydrate and take frequent breaks.

To ease your mind from the heat a minute. We did find records on snowfall. So far during this year, we have gotten 8.7 inches of snowfall in Shreveport Bossier.

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