Scandal at the Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium as Haughton’s own Dak Prescott and the boys destroyed conference rival Philadelphia.

WFAA reports an employee at the stadium has been arrested as a result of this scandal.

The worker was apparently involved in a little side hussle to earn a few bucks and police believe he was doing just that while on the job Sunday night.

Teri Durst
Teri Durst

What Did the Cowboys Employee Do?

The employee is accused of letting people into the stadium even if they didn’t have tickets, if they passed him some cash. 19-year-old Diego Soto now faces a charge of commercial bribery, according to jail records. His bond was set at $1,500. An officer who was working at the stadium got information about a group of people without tickets being let in at a specific gate. Soto was questioned by the officer at the scene and he admitted to accepting the money.

Commercial bribery is a felony in Texas. No details were given about how much cash was allegedly paid to the worker. Getting a ticket to that huge rivalry game was a tough task. Even the cheapest tickets to the game were selling for close to $200 bucks. It was considered by many to be the most sought after Cowboys ticket of the season.

Cowboys fans left happy with a big 33-13 walloping of the Eagles to move into first place in the division.

Police did respond to some fights and at least two people were arrested for public intoxication at the game.

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