Unless you've been hiding out in the desert for the last two weeks, you know how bad things have gotten due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many are forced to work remotely. Others have been fired or laid off due to the virus. Others are just struggling to make ends meet. Times are extremely difficult at the moment for most of us.

That's why Greg and I have decided to support the community with a 'Parking Lot Lunch Tour'. The premise is extremely simple: everyday, we go eat lunch in the parking lot of a local business. Then, we post said lunch adventure on social media to let people know what's open, what's tasty and just to show a little love on all the people that are out there trying to make a living.

I know that I've seen the argument made that restaurants aren't essential businesses. To me, that's FAR from the truth. We here in the media world, who are considered essential employees, need to eat. Doctors need to eat. Nurses need to eat. The SWEPCO guy, the truck drivers delivering groceries, grocery store employees...all these people that are needed to keep the community up and running need to eat. And local restaurants are there to serve all of us.

I know times are hard right now for all of us. But if you're going to eat out, try to support a local business. Even if you don't want to take your family out or can't due to a medical condition, buy a gift card for future use (and most businesses offer those online, so you can continue to practice proper social distancing). When all this COVID-19 stuff blows over, we want our favorite spots to still be there and our favorite people to still be gainfully employed.

For those of you that are out of a job or laid off, when all this mess is done, we want you to have places to go back to work. So, until everything gets completely shutdown, we're going to be out here doing our part to try and keep our favorite places alive and well.

And to all the 'essential employees' out there who are still going to work every single day: Thank you. As a good friend of mine always says "we're better together" and for the most part, that holds true for the Shreveport-Bossier community.

Not pictured in the photos because this didn't become a 'thing' until we were several days in: Maxwell's Market twice (it's SO good), Joseph's Riverport BBQ in Jefferson, Oyster Bar and Creole Cafe.

The Parking Lot Lunch Tour


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