The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone's life in one way or another. But the outbreak has directly effected and completely changed the lives of doctors, nurses, lab techs, fire fighters, police officers and tons of others who are on the front lines. With that said, there are A LOT of businesses stepping up and doing what they can to say 'Thank You' to those working non-stop during this global pandemic.

Below is a list of businesses who are offering perks or discounts to those in the medical community and first responders. I can almost guarantee this list is far from complete, but I want it to be as comprehensive as possible. If a business you own, manage or frequent is doing something special for those on the front lines, please let me know. Email with details of the business' 'deals & discounts'.

To everyone working on the front line and everyone providing love & support to those who are: Thank you for all that you do.

Deals & Discounts for First Responders & Healthcare Workers

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