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KSLA is reporting a major shakeup inside the Grambling State University athletics department. According to their report, Grambling State Head Volleyball Coach Chelsey Lucas has cut her entire roster.

This not only includes their position on the team, but their scholarships as well.

Coach Lucas was hired in February, and made these unprecedented moves on Monday. KSLA's Kori Johnson reports that she spent an entire day talking to leaders in the athletic department. Here's what Johnson reported:

"GSU Athletics Communications Director Brian Howard says athletic program leaders knew Coach Lucas would be making some changes to the roster, but he did not know to what extent. He says the move was not previously discussed, which is okay because changes like these are at the coach’s discretion. According to players, on Monday, the coach called individual meetings with each player and told them their scholarships would not be renewed."

According to KSLA's report, players were brought in for meetings on Monday, and were informed about the decisions. They were told they would be losing their spot on the team, and their scholarships. The players told KSLA that they were informed the decisions was based off from just three practices the team had.

Leaders in the athletic department believe that Coach Lucas will be bringing in 14 to 15 brand new players to the program before next season. The athletic department leadership has voiced support for Coach Lucas, and the decision she made with the team. You can read more on KSLA's report here.

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