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Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards will be addressing the state today at 3:30pm, and many believe that he will be further restricting the state's COVID policies.

The state remains in the "Modified Phase 2" of economic reopening, but that expires tomorrow (January 13th), so Edwards will have to make a decision on what happens next. Some believe that the Governor will extend the "Modified Phase 2" for an addition 2 weeks to 4 weeks, but some believe the state will be restricting further. WBRZ-TV pointed at the Governor's attitude during a press conference last week, where they referred to Edwards as "visibly frustrated".

Today's press conference will likely touch on the state's vaccine rollout as well.

With more and more vaccines getting clearance from the federal level, and with pharmaceutical companies producing substantial amounts of vaccine daily, the number of people getting vaccinated continues to increase. Some state's have seen a bottleneck with vaccine distribution, creating issues with getting large numbers of the public vaccinated.

In Louisiana, mobile vaccination sites are currently active, vaccinating thousands every day. In Shreveport, the large mobile vaccination at the State Fairgrounds started rolling this morning. With thousands of people in line to get their vaccinations today, and more getting added online through their web portal. It is possible that the Governor will keep the state in the current "Modified Phase 2", while making announcements about how the state's vaccine rollout is going.


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