For the last few weeks, the State of Louisiana has seen 'the curve' flatten in the state in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak. As the numbers of cases and hospitalizations have flattened and dropped, many residents have been asking about what the plan is to reopen the state. Neighboring states, including Texas, have started a process, and the White House has put forward guidelines, but Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has been reluctant to put a plan forward.

That will change today.

Governor Edwards will start to outline his plan this afternoon at 4pm.

There have been no indications of WHAT the Governor will do, outside of some comments at press briefings that his team will use the White House guidelines as a "template", but will not be using them the exact way they're laid out. In those White House plans, there are three "phases", and 2-week gating periods to reopen. But based on the Governor's comments, it doesn't sound like the state will be following the 2-week guidelines.

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