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General Motors is shaking up a lot of concepts this week, by announcing that their plan is to transition 100% of their portfolio to fully electric vehicles within the next 20 years.

Dane Parker is General Motors (GM) Chief Sustainability Officer, and told the Detroit Free Press:

“By 2040, 100% of our portfolio will be fully electric and that’s the vision we’re setting out.”

This announcement from GM came on Thursday, when GM said they "aspire" to have all of it's general trucks and SUVs at zero emissions by 2035. That same target is applied to their total global products, but that date target moves to 2040. In addition to the 2040 timeline, they also anticipate having their plants at the carbon neutral level as well.

Parker continued to explain GM's plan with the Detroit Free Press:

" 'Aspire' is a great word because it helps us work toward our vision. We're taking action to have our vehicles be zero emissions by 2035. This is going to take the effort of a lot of people and a lot of governments to get there. So we have a vision, we have a plan and we're taking action today to get there."

GM will also be joined by many of their partners in the giant move. Including the UAW, who released a statement to say their members support the moves to new technology.

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