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So much of what we hear about COVID-19 is confusing and so many people don't know what to believe anymore. There is a crowd who says this is all political and there are folks who want us to completely lock down until a vaccine is available. Is there a happy medium? It's so hard to know what to believe these days. I do know people have died and the virus is very serious. Am I doing enough to protect myself? If you have already had Coronavirus, can you get it again? Those are just some of the questions we will pose to Dr. Martha Whyte who is the Regional Medical Director at Louisiana State Office of Public Health as she joins us in studio Thursday morning from 7-8am.

Dr. Whyte posted this on Facebook:

Caddo and Bossier Parishes alone make up over 30 % of the state's new positive cases. Region 7 also has 33% of the patients in the hospital for COVID today. Wear your mask, social distance, and wash your hands. Just because phase 3 allows some things doesn't mean here we should be doing them, especially large gatherings even of family.

Dr. Whyte adds: "You don't have to have symptoms to spread COVID. Hence the need for masks. If you have had a known contact with a person positive, you don't just stay home if you feel bad or have nothing to do. You stay home for 14 days from the last time you were around the person who tested positive."

She says you could become positive anytime within that 14 day window. You could test negative, but be positive the very next day.

And Dr. Whyte says:

We are the only country in the world being so ridiculously selfish, dismissive of science, cavalier about the harm caused to others, pick one. Everyone is sick of COVID. Everyone wants things to go back to normal. Contact sports, no masks, and gatherings with however many without masks and not social distancing is why we aren't there yet.

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