A gender reveal event in the Benton area shakes homes in the region.

This gender reveal party on Tuesday evening sparked a firestorm on social media as folks thought there was some sort of emergency situation that shook homes for several miles. Folks around Cypress Lake reported feeling the blast.

What Was the Blast?

Turns out this was a Tannerite explosion from a gender reveal party along Buffalo Road.
Kayleigh Morgan and her fiance were learning the gender of her baby in this unique way. We've heard about these Tannerite explosions before. KTBS reports Tannerite is an over-the-counter explosive that detonates when hit by a firearm projectile.

What Did the Gender Reveal Show?

A plume of pink smoke floated up into the sky indicating a baby girl is on the way.

Kaleigh White posted this message on social media: "Thank y’all!! Everly Arlene White will be here in December."

They also got some drone video of the explosion.

Little did the family know this gathering to celebrate the coming birth of a baby girl would get so much attention and shake homes for several miles in the region.

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