There's a firestorm brewing over a billboard in Baton Rouge that celebrates the LSU Gymnastics team. The ladies finished 2nd in the nation at the NCAA Championships Saturday night, and the school thanked them for the fine season with an electronic billboard message.
But one writer takes exception to the billboard.

Darren Rovell, who formerly worked for ESPN and now lists himself as a Sports Business Reporter for The Action Network then let out a Tweet heard 'round Tiger Nation.

Rovell tweeted 'No, you can't put up a billboard for coming in second.'

This has sparked a furor among members of the team and supporters all around Baton Rouge. The Tweets at Rovell have been hot and heavy.

Rovell stands by his tweet saying celebrating a 2nd place team is part of a "societal problem" and saying that he was making the argument "for the sake of his children."

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