It seems like following the law would be a 'no-brainer.'  After all, without laws, our society would very quickly deteriorate into utter chaos.  Movies and shows have been produced based on that very concept.  And for the most part, it's easy to see why certain laws are on the books.  Don't steal... self-explanatory... don't murder... sure... even speeding and stop lights... of course... but there are some laws that were, or are still on the books that might make you take a second and ask.... what??

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Green Week Agricultural Trade Fair Opens In Berlin
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Mourners can't have more than 3 sandwiches at the wake. This has to be one of my favorites... I don't know if they mean the little quarters... but someone somewhere stacked up on the sandwiches at Uncle Tommy's funeral so badly that they had to actually write a law about it.


Halloween Celebrated In New York City Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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It's illegal in Rayne to trick-or-treat if you're over 14 years old.  Okay... THIS ONE I agree with!  Kinda aggravating when a 17 year old comes up to the porch with no costume and a backpack draped open across his chest and says "Trick or Treat" in a voice that would rival Darth Vader.


Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally To Be Held Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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In New Orleans, Snakes are not allowed within 200 yards of the Mardi Gras parade route.  Yup... some idiot obviously brought a huge snake to a Mardi Gras parade....


Pig race at the Miami-Dade Country Fair.
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In Jefferson Parish, All Garbage must be cooked before it can be fed to hogs.  I can't even imagine the impetus behind this one.


Mississippi Governor Declares Water Emergency For State's Capital, Jackson
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Urinating in the city's water supply can land you 20 years in jail.  We had to write a law to specify this??


Hull City v Nottingham Forest - Sky Bet Championship
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Minors cannot play coin-operated foosball unless they are accompanied by an adult.  I'm glad they didn't enforce this at Guys & Dolls back in the 70's


Florida Wildlife And Daily Life Scenes
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It is illegal to steal someone's alligator- which could land you up to 10 years in jail.   This is another one I can understand since we do have people who make their living in the alligator industry.  But I can also see where someone in Idaho would find this funny.

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First of all, this isn't actual legal advice. We will link to the information we've found on each of these scenarios. But know the person putting this list together is an idiot, and would never win in a court of law.

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