The shakeup at city hall is still reverberating throughout Government Plaza. Assistant City Attorney Karen Strand has resigned after being told she was being reassigned to as Risk Services Manager.

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Strand was not available for comment, but we did catch up with Councilwoman LeVette Fuller says

I feel like we've been kneecapped. We just got hit in the face for working with an insurance broker who had never done municipal work before, so you're going to take the most ex perienced person in your city attorneys office. Take the  person who has done the most municipal work and move her to do something she has no experience in when you've already been slapped for working with people in that particular field who had no experience. There has to be an outside motivation for something like that.


Fuller says Strand was giving us sound advice that seemed to run counter to the will of administration has been moved. She adds that someone else will now have to be assigned to work with the council, but she says

No one in the city attorney's office right now have drafted the amount of legislation that she had. None of them bring the same insights to the table that she did.

KEEL News has reached out to the Mayor and the City Attorney to find out who would be assigned to the council, but Creal is out of the office and we have not a response from the Mayor.

We did get this response from the Mayor's Office:

"Assistant City Attorney Danielle Farr Ewing will begin servicing the City Council. This transition begun prior to Mrs. Strand’s departure."

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