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This has to be one of the most disgusting displays of greed and lack of concern for a fellow human being someone could possibly muster.  If you don't remember how the dastardly tale of 45-year-old Shreveport resident Monica Ruiz's $4.8 million scam on an elderly East Texas resident started, it's a doozy.  Here's the good news: This story finally has an happy ending, just not for Ruiz.

How it all began

Although no motive was given for why Ruiz targeted the unnamed Bullard, Texas resident, I pretty sure it's obvious: They are (or, were) rich - like millionaire rich.  As good and law-abiding folks know, that's no reason to turn to a life of crime - but, that's not who we're talking about here.

Anthony Newley Plays The Devil
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Once Ruiz had her mark, she launched a campaign of fraudulent lies that would make the devil proud.  The purpose of her mission was very clear - get as much money from this elderly Texan as she possibly could.

The Lies She Used

Hold on to your hat, because this list is long and disturbing.  According to the report from KLTV, these are horrible fabrications Ruiz employed to bilk the innocent senior citizen out of their cash:

- That Ruiz had been in a coma

- That Ruiz had brain surgery

- That Ruiz was falsely arrested and imprisoned

- That Ruiz had bribed a judge and prosecutor

- That Ruiz’s son died in a car accident in Pennsylvania

- That Ruiz was in a car accident

- That Ruiz had a kidney transplant

- That Ruiz’s daughter was committed to a mental institution

- That Ruiz was incarcerated

- That Ruiz’s grandmother died

On top of all of that, Ruiz is apparently an actress, too.  She reportedly impersonated several people to convince her victim that her claims were legitimate.

The happy ending (kinda)

For what it's worth, it seems like Ruiz finally told the truth when she finally entered a plea of guilty to the charge of wire fraud in March.  That was probably a good move on her part, as the evidence collected during the investigation conducted by the U.S. Secret Service with help from the Tyler Police Department and the Louisiana State Police's Gaming Enforcement Division was starting to pile up.

According to the report, this con-woman-extraordinaire has been sentenced by Judge Jeremy Kernodle  to 97 months imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release - but that's not all.  Ruiz has also been ordered to pay $4,851,971 in restitution back to the victim.


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